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Venom Lures located in Lancaster, Ohio  offers fresh water soft plastics lures, salt water baits, spinnerbaits, hooks, rattles and jig heads. Top Quality Products with a proven track record of performance, quality and a long history of tournament winners! 100% American made baits.

Click on an image below to view size and color options


Venom Lures

V7777  Venom Down Right

Venom V7777 T.png
Starting at: $231.57
V46  Venom Dream Craw and Trailer 4.25"

Venom V46 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V76  Venom Buzz Bait

Venom V76 T.png
Starting at: $4.99
V21  Venom Grab Formula Fish Attractant

Venom V21 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V48  Venom Rattlin Hogs

Venom V48 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V80  Venom Glimmer Series Hidden Head Spinnerbait

Venom V80 T.png
Starting at: $6.99
V22  Venom Salty Pig

Venom V22 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V55  Venom Spinnerbait Trailer

Venom V55 T.png
Starting at: $2.27
V88  Venom's Texas and Carolina Hot Rods

Venom V88 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V43  6" Buzz Tail Worm

Venom V43 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V58  Floating Magnum Trickster Worm

Venom V58 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V89  Venom Better Beever

Venom V89 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V44  Venom Bully Frog 4"

Venom V44 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V61  Venom XXX Heavy Duty 5" Tubes

Venom V61 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V98  Venom Bad Blood Salt Tubes 4"

Venom V98 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V45  Venom Buzz Tail Shad

Venom V45 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V62  Venom Goby Series Laminated Salt Tubes

Venom V62 T.png
Starting at: $4.98
V99  Venom High Visual Glow Tubes

Venom V99 T.png
Starting at: $4.98